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Teet Jarvet Is An Accomplished Businessman And Entrepreneur From Estonia

October 30, 2014
Teet Jarvet is a successful businessman and entrepreneur from Estonia. He was born and raised, and even received a good deal of his education, in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. He speaks Estonian and English fluently, German well, and has a basic understanding of Russian, but is looking to learn more every day. Teet Jarvet is a great communicator who is dedicated to his goals, regardless of how easy or difficult they are to achieve.

Teet Jarvet has held management positions for the last eight years and for the last three years he has dealt with business and diplomatic relations as well. Teet Jarvet is not only about business, he also motosports, swimming, and reading. In fact, Teet Jarvet is the Chairman of the Board, and Boardmember, for the Estonian JetSki and Snowmobile Association, a training and non-profit organization that he has been involved with since November of 2012.

Teet Jarvey is a partner in a financial company currently, where he largely deals with taxation consultation and investments. He worked as the Chief Financial Officer at a finance company from 2010 until 2013, where he was responsible for investments and transactions across Europe as well as management of the company cash flow. He left that position because the company was being sold. Since April of 2008, Teet Jarvet has worked for another financial company where he now serves only as a part-time consultant. However, he has served as CEO for the company in the past. Teet Jarvet has worked as a Foreperson building houses, as a Project Manager in the construction industry, as a Manager in a construction enterprise, and as a CEO of a trade and wholesale company as well. He has a wealth of experience in numerous industries and at various management levels.